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  • Sceniczne imię: Arin (아린)
  • Prawdziwe imię: Choi Yewon (최예원)
  • Data urodzenia: 18 czerwca, 1999
  • Miejsce urodzenia: Busan, South Gyeongsang, Korea Południowa
  • Grupa krwi: O
  • Wzrost: 163cm
  • Waga: 47kg
  • Rodzina: Mama, tata i młodszy brat
  • Edukacja: School of Performing Arts Seoul


  • Arin was born in Busan, South Korea
  • She has a younger brother named Seokjun
  • Arin said her strengths are her kind smile
  • On rest days, she likes to go shopping or eat out at restaurants
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • A secret about Arin’s body is that she is very sensitive to the cold
  • Her favorite Oh My Girl song is Illusion
  • Arin’s life turning point was debuting in Oh My Girl
  • Her favorite seasons are spring and autumn
  • She relives stress by resting by herself
  • If she were to choose an animal to represent her, she would choose a rabbit
  • Arin is a big fan of Suzy and Taeyeon
  • Her favorite foods are rice and chicken
  • If she woke up as a male, she wants to talk about “boy stuff” with her dad
  • Arin wants to go to Saipan
  • A bad habit she has is spacing out
  • She attended Dongduk Middle School, then Seoul School of Performing Arts.
  • Arin’s spirit animal is the rabbit.
  • Even though she’s the youngest, she’s the 2nd tallest in Oh My Girl
  • She has a very shy personality.
  • Arin has trained at WM since 2013.
  • Arin is sometimes called “Princess Arin” because of her extreme kindness and grace.
  • Arin’s hobbies are watching movies while eating caramel popcorn, coordinating outfits.
  • Arin can do a impression of Mimi.

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