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  • Sceniczne imię: Jiho (지호)
  • Prawdziwe imię: Kim Jiho (김지호)
  • Data urodzenia: 4 kwietnia, 1997
  • Miejsce urodzenia: Okcheon, North Chungcheong, Korea Południowa
  • Grupa krwi: A
  • Wzrost: 165cm
  • Waga: 49kg
  • Rodzina: Mama, tata i młodszy brat



  • [2015] B1A4 – Sweet Girl


  • Jiho was born in Okcheon, North Chungcheong, South Korea.
  • She has a younger brother.
  • Jiho hates cucumbers
  • Her favorite season is winter
  • Jiho wants to go to Europe
  • In the future, she wants to pass on her carefree personality to her children
  • Her habit is listening to music in the car
  • Jiho’s strength is her honesty
  • Her favorite color is sky blue
  • Her favorite Oh My Girl song is Remember Me
  • Jiho’s name means to “call good fortune”
  • She eats at least two eggs a day
  • If Jiho was an animal, she would want to be a koala
  • Jiho’s favorite food is meat
  • Her nickname is ‘Nyang’ because she looks like a cat.
  • She can play the guitar.
  • Her hobby is watching movies.
  • She speaks Korean and Japanese.
  • Jiho can imitate Pikachu.
  • She appeared in B1A4’s BABA 2012 Concert video.
  • She acted in B1A4′s Sweet Girl MV.
  • In the dorm, she shares a room with Hyojung and Mimi. (Oh My Girl Miracle Expedition)
  • Jiho’s ideal type: “Someone who I can learn a lot from.” Among celebrities, she likes actor Hyun Bin.

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