Seunghee (OH MY GIRL)

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  • Sceniczne imię: Seung Hee (승희)
  • Prawdziwe imię: Hyun Seunghee (현승희)
  • Data urodzenia: 25 stycznia, 1996
  • Miejsce urodzenia: Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea Południowa
  • Grupa krwi: B
  • Wzrost: 159.5cm
  • Waga: 48kg
  • Rodzina: Mama i tata



  • [2017.09.25] Temperature of Love OST Part.1 (#1 You Are)



  • [2015] Lim Chang Jung – Muneul Yeosio


  • [2010] Superstar K2


  • She was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea.
  • She can play the guitar.
  • Her nickname is 2nd BoA.
  • Seunghee had the most exposure before debut.
  • Her favorite song to sing during karaoke is “U&I” by Ailee
  • Seunghee said she enjoys speaking English by imitating movie characters.
  • She was on Star King and Superstar K2
  • If she was a boy, she said she would work out without a shirt on
  • Seunghee wants to pass on her eyebrows to her children. “Take them, my children. They are of vital importance, you will use them well”
  • She likes every color except for orange
  •  Seunghee’s “small but definite happiness” is watching dog videos and crying over animals being happy
  • Seunghee wants to travel to the Netherlands
  • A superpower she wants is to control time
  • Seunghee enjoys eating jelles
  • She wants to be called “Oh My Girl’s Idiot”
  • When she’s stressed, she turns off all the lights in the practice room, turns on really loud music and dances until she’s sweating
  • Her favorite Oh My Girl songs are Remember Me and Twilight
  •  Seunghee’s strengths are her overflowing energy and her good stamina
  • Her name means to “win and shine brightly”
  • Seunghee is a big fan of IU and even learned to play the guitar because of her
  • She acted in a Webdrama (LOSS:TIME:LIFE) alongside with B1A4’s Baro.
  • Seunghee appeared in Lim Chang Jung’s “Open The Door” MV and ONF‘s “ON/OFF” MV.
  • Seunghee sings the OST for “Temperature of Love” called “You Are”.
  • Her hobbies are watching movies, listening to music, drawing, stretching.
  • Seunghee said she’s friends with V and Jimin from BTS. (“The Star” magazine interview)
  • In the dorm, she shares a room with Arin. (Oh My Girl Miracle Expedition)
  • SeungHee’s ideal type: “Someone who I can easily talk to.” Among celebrities she likes actor Gong Yoo.

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