Jungwoo (BVNDIT)

File:MNH Jungwoo.jpg


  • Sceniczne imię: Jungwoo (정우)
  • Ksywka: Gongju (공주; Princess), Corgi (코기), Paengu (팽우), Ajaeng (아쟁)
  • Data urodzenia: 2 kwietnia, 1994


  • Her nicknames are Princess, Corgi, Ddaengwoo and Ajaeng.
  • Her hobbies are watching concert clips, listening to ASMR and shopping nutritional supplements.
  • Recently, she listens too Million Pieces by Kyuhyun and One of These Nights by Red Velvet.
  •  Her favourite food is chocolate, but she likes Tteokbokki and meat too.
  • Family: parents, younger sibling
  • At the dorms, she usually lays down, listens to music and plays videogames. She also does stretching.
  •  Lately, she dances to Peek-A-Boo and Bad Boy by Red Velvet, Gotta Go by Chungha and Dalla Dalla by ITZY.
  • Motto: I’ll be who I want to be!

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